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Jul 18, 2024
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RACE Movie: Bolloywood makes Going to Hell in vogue    

Race Movie

Days are gone where you have touching emotional stories which make you cry for sufferings of human being and humans treated like slaves in zameendari Raaj. In old days average expectations of life were less and people were more satisfied. Today expectations out of one life has been increasing as dream lives are presented to common public.

"Paap ka Prayoshchit" sounds like black and white word in bollywood movies.

In movie "RACE" Akhshay is saying to Saif from the car "See you Hell !!! I'll join you after 40 or 50 years once I’ve enjoyed my life".

Heaven and Hell were invented by us to keep humans under control. Kind of sufferings one goes through in hell were explained from childhood so that when child grows up he realizes that wrong doing takes him to hell. How easily Bolloywood script has destroyed the concepts build across the ages. Todays good guy and bad guy know what they are doing and accepted that they would like to enjoy life on earth at any cost. It doesn’t matter if they have to go to hell for that.

Anil Kapoor is given the image of Sherlock Holmes and Karamchand. Karamchand use to be very intelligent and loyal detective. He lived very simple life. Here RD, detective role played by Anil Kapoor is corrupt police detective who hides the facts and takes bribes through orphanages. That is so cheap. Notable dialog by Saif for him is "Mujhe sirf imandar logon se daar lagta hai".

So almost everything in the movie is for fun, don’t take any lessons out of this.


Posted by: neo

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