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May 20, 2024
Trinetra Virus Remover
SCJP Mock Test
Open World Chat


TRINETRA Version 1.1 Ninoplas Base64 PHP Virus Remover   (DETAILS)
Ninoplas Base64 virus infects the PHP files on the server. Once these files are infected, it spreads the virus to every computer visiting this website. There is no easy way to get rid of this virus. Even if single file is left over, Virus finds its way to infect the websites again.
Trinetra version 1.1 is targeted to the people who don't understand much about technology and would like to clean their server files.
All you need to do is to extract and upload two php files on root folder of your server.
Trinetra PHP virus remover saves lot of time and cleans each and every file from each ane every corner of your website.
Best part of this software is that you get the source code which you can verify & validate on your own and it is FREE.
DeepTest ver 1.1 (with free 250 questions)   (DETAILS)
SCJP Test Engine v1.0 is a Test Preparation Software, for Sun-Certified Java 2 Programmer level, with chapter-wise classifications as per the objectives provided by Sun Microsystems. This version is provided as Evaluation copy to the members of www.deepjava.com site. Which can be later on registered for better support, features & ad-on tools.


Open World Chat Server   (DETAILS)
Start a chat server in minutes, small download, includes web and chat server. After installing request on www port for chat applet and start chatting, no database required.






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