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Jun 18, 2024
About Deepak Keswani

About Deepak Keswani

When I was a Child

The story starts with "Chacha Chaudhary ka Dimag Computer se bhi Tej Chalta Hai". I encountered this line when I was a kid in the school. And nobody could tell me what exactly is computer. I was curious and always wondered how computer will help my creativity and skill to construct something outstanding.

Fire in Computer Institue

I had paid 15 bucks per hour to my friend for working on 286 to practise the DOS 6.22. I was desperate, because there was fire in the computer institue, where I use to practise for hours long. It took more than a month to repair electric wires in the building.

My First PC

It sounds funny when I recall about my first computer. It was a 386 (30 Mhz) machine with 4MB of RAM and 260MB of HDD. Now I carry thumb drive in my pocket, which is 8 times what I had in HDD those days. I remember paying Rs. 6000 for 4MB of memory. There were 4 SIMMs (Single inline memory Module) of 1MB each.

Thief in the College

I had visited this Science Exhibition in the college. One of the students had created some games and a piano program in FoxPro. I didn't knew how to say it infront of everyone but I made a courage and said him "If I am not mistaken all these programs are mine, because they have same mistakes which I had thought will repair sometime" Boy asked "What is your name?" When I told him my name, he took me in corner and said "Sir, please dont' tell anyone here, we had final date of project submission for this exhibition and we couldn't think of anything better than this." After giving some lessons of wisdom, I let that kid use my programs to be presented in the exhibition. That day I remembered my trainer who forced me to believe that games can not be developed in FoxPro. (College boy had seen my name as a author in comments of the program)

aPnET Online

This is the Internet simulation I build in FoxPro in year 1997. This had the browser where information could be added like a CMS now days and a mail client where mails can be received and send inside the company just like we do things in outlook. aPneT users who use internet today get surprised to see the real internet how they lived something similar far earlier in their lives. (CMS = Content Management System)

CompUser Club

I have unforgettable memories of the CompUser Club. I wished club to become part of every individual, working in computers. I know people were scared that I'll take away their business in the name of Club. But I was on a different track. I wanted that club to bring business opportunities to everyone. An assurance of service and success in every aspect. Sometimes I don't understand why I attempted to start that while I didn't had any place to organize the meetings, no phone connection at my residence. And above all I was working more than fulltime on Job. Club was just part time. The real credit goes to my friends who supported me like anything and we had Club running for 18 months.


I had heard about Microsoft Certifications from my friend Vinod D. But I wanted to do something in Java & there was not much help available for SCJP. Infact I hardly got the chance to get online with a shared dialup service. There was only one SCJP book available in the market (by Simon Roberts). None of my fiends had any idea about this exam. After studying for 3 months, I cleared SCJP in October-1999. I've very unique approach to studies, which takes little longer but stays longer. Life took a drastic turn after this certification. There were hardly any Java Certified guys and I was respected like anything.

I believe in Matrix

Matrix is the one movie which changed my perception to the software. This is something I could very easily relate with spirituality I have been believing in. I have seen 3 parts of the Matrix many times to understand the relationship machines and humans share today and they will share in future. I could relate the Neo's enlightenment with state of being one. State where there is no difference between us and anything we see in this world we see almighty everywhere. In movie it is the software which is running through all the virtual objects.

Member113 Mystery revealed

I was inspired by Marcus Green's site which helped me in the exam. I wanted to make something similar for Indians who wanted to do certification. I wanted to share my experience & make it simple for others. I created DeepTest, Free Mock Test for Java 1.2 exam and that became a big hit. There use to be more than 50 downloads per day without any advertisements. It was all kept in free hosting service deepak.htmlplanet.com. There was no support of programming on server side. Still I managed to collect peoples addresses by asking them to register on my site. The secret that there was no database. Generic CGIform was provided by freeservers.com to send mail and keep log in text file. So everybody got the mail with the userid=member113 and password=allowme. How did I validated this? Well that is another secret. It was encoded in Javascript, so the validations were happening in client browsers itself. Each registered member thought he or she had unique id but it was not true. There were more than 30000 members with member113 id and they were proud of that id :). I remember one well matured person introducing himself to me and saying "Hello Sir, I am registered member of your site. I am member113" Oh my Gosh!!! I was so embarrassed. I couldn't tell him the truth and allowed him to remain happy with his uniqueness. My intention behind collecting the user details was not to spam or decieve in any form, but to do statistical analysis of user base. deepjava.com was something I waited for 4 years to get released and atlast I acquired this domain.

Why deepjava

I had many friends from the field of AS/400 and Oracle. I was always impressed with their ids like Shiva400, Atul400, OraBalan. So I wanted to have something similar thats how deepjava came into my mind. It sounds quite meaningful to me. It is about me and my profession.


Visiting the IT companies was thrilling experience. I got to see the real implementations. I was helping them and training them on new Technologies. Tata Share Registry Ltd (TSRL) was my first experience. I remember when Rupesh(chintu) and I use to return after hectic day, discussing all the good things we learned on the job. Then list just went growing. Abyss & Horizon, AS-Syspro, Concourse, Godrej Infotech, Hexaware, Mastek, Infomatics, Systime. At last I settled with my lots of old friends in Asian Compusoft. That was cool work experiences. I was leading a team of engineers to provide web support for ERP built in Oracle and D2K.

My First CD Writer

I recall the amount of the data I had lost in corrupt floppies and in disk crashes. I wanted to have a safer solution to backup my work and data on CDs. CD Writers use to be very costly in those days. Sarathi had brought one from his Spain trip. Now he was going to US for long term. I requested him to give that writer to me at some affordable cost. He is the 'Friend in Need'. Deal worked out. I backed up my all the 1.2 & 1.44 inch floppies which contained foxpro and C/C++ programs to CDs.

BSIL + IrisLogic

This is where I worked for 7 & half years and this company had given me exposure to international level software. It was Praveen who had hinted me that BSIL is looking for Techie people and he referred my name. So I was offered on the same day. In all these years I have travelled to many client places in US. Most memorable of them is being at Sun Microsystem and working with them. That was like dream come true. I could not believe when I was inside that building sitting with engineers. I mean with the people who manufacture software which is hot and goes to almost every computer microprocessor of world. I've have been working on projects in the areas of Sales Automation, Resourcing, E-Commerce, Application Server Migrations, Secured Document Management Systems, Interactive Television & Intranet Content Management Systems. In concluding years I was founder member of one small Research, Development & Innovation Team.


Ohhhh man!!! I was very much involved in many things. I was on the SCWCD plan since 2 years. I completed half the syllabus and exam expired. I had to start with new SCWCD syllabus from chapter-1. Time was all against me. There use to be no electricity for 7 hours everyday in my home, disturbing me like anything. I completed the new syllabus in 1 and half month, did 4 times revision by different approaches which took 4 additional months. Atlast I cleared SCWCD with 81%.

SCBCD is like deja vu

Again the new syllabus introduced & old one discontinued, like it happend with SCWCD. It feels like deja vu. Living the same incidence again in life. New SCBCD is 310-091 which expects you to be having good experience on JEE 5 and EJB 3.

No Stars but 5 rings around

New World is constructed around me. Not much change but motivation is high.


Encountered my First EUROTRIP. Got opportunity to learn many cultures and languages. Europe is way different from US.

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