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Jul 18, 2024

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

To learn html just go on topic-wise and select the example you want to learn. Once the page is loaded read it, & then right click and select 'view source'. This gives you all the explaination for creating the example page. Try to create your own similar page in some directory.

Table Of Contents

Introduction to HTML
Example1 : A Simple text file works as HTML file
Example2 : Simple file with HTML tags
Example3 : HTML is not case sensitive
Example4 : White space characters don't make any difference
Example5 : Full HTML file with all the components

Coloring the Webpage
Example6 : Defining Default color of BODY part
Example7 : Inverse color & Putting Comments in HTML
Example8 : Different color scheme tables

Formatting lines paragraps tables
Example9 : New Paragraph can start by P tag
Example10 : Line Breaks are Necessary, BR tags
Example11 : Understanding Horizontal Rulers with Different parameters
Example12 : 6 Levels of Headings
Example13 : Displaying the Pre-Formated Text
Example14 : Creating Table in HTML

Formating text
Example15 : Logical Formating of Text
Example16 : Characters Formating bold,italic,blink etc.
Example17 : Printing Special characters.
Example18 : Setting size of fonts & centering
Example19 : Extended Character Set

Different types of lists
Example20 : UnOrdered List
Example21 : Ordered List
Example22 : Menu & Directory List
Example23 : Glossary List

Creating the HyperLink document.
Example24 : Hyperlink in the same file
Example25 : Hyperlink to different file
Example26 : Hyperlink to defferent file middle position
Example27 : Hyperlink to Website address
Example28 : Hyperlink to E-mail address

Displaying the Images in webpages.
Example29 : Displaying the images
Example30 : Displaying the images with WIDTH & HEIGHT tag
Example31 : Displaying the images with BORDER & ALT tag
Example32 : Displaying the images with Hyperlink
Example33 : Displaying the image in background
Playing the sound from Browser
Example34 : Playing the sound
Playing the movie from Browser
Example35 : Playing the Movie
Example35a: Embeding the Audio and Movie files

Creating Frames in HTML
Example36 : Frame Devides the window in 3 rows with %
Example37 : Frame Devides the window in 3 columns with pixel value
Example38 : Frame with rows as well as with columns

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