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May 21, 2024
iWoz Book Review
Book Review
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iWoz Book Controversial revealings

  • AT & T Phone Phreaking with Blue Box
  • TV Jammer Prank
  • Atari Game in 4 days where Jobs made more money
  • Zaltair Prank
  • Divorce with Alice and Candi Clark
  • Apple III failure
  • Mysterious Airplane Crash
  • Memmory Loss illness
  • Loosing Millions of dollars in two Music Concerts. Accounting firms cheating Woz. Artists overcharging.
  • US and USSR peace efforts
  • Studying at Berkeley with different name
  • Steve Job's mis-understandings for Woz, during 'Woz Plan' stock sellout and starting CL9 remote control company.


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