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Jun 18, 2024
iWoz Book Review
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Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Apple timeline chart

Timeline Chart

Date Steve Wozniak's life Steve Jobs Life Apple Computers
11-Aug-1950 Born in San Jose, California, US    
24-Feb-1955   Born in San Francisco. One week later he was adopted by Paul, Clara Jobs of Mountainview, California, US  
1971 Esquire Magazine inspired Blue Box for Phone Phreaking    
1972 Studied at in U. Colorado, DeAnza,UC, Berkeley Graduated from high school and enrolled in Reed College, Portland, Oregon.  
1974 Started attending meetings at Homebrew Computer club.  
Spring 1975 Ataching regular Cassette tape to hold BASIC and automatically load in Computer    
1976 Worked at HP, designing Calculator. Worked at Atari, Designing Hardware based Game Consoles.  
1-Apr-1976 Apple Compter Co. was founded as a partnership to just sell printed circuit boards.
Summer 1976 Apple II working in Color in Steves' Garage
Jan-1977 Apple II presenting at West Coast Computer Faire, San Francisco.
Early 1977 Apple is incorporated
1979 Designed early Apple Computer    
1980 Married to Alice Robertson, No children, became freemason    
24-Jan-1984 Jobs introduced the Apple Macintosh to wildly enthusiastic audience. GUI very much influenced by PARC, Xerox.
6-Feb-1985 Woz ended Fulltime employment with Apple to start remote control company CL9.    
1986   Even Steve Jobs Quit the Apple and sold all his shares leaving one. Founded NeXT Computer independantly. Bought Pixar from George Lucas.  
1987 BS EES U.C Berkly, sponsor, first joint US/USSR stadium rock concert    
18-Mar-1991   Married to Laurene Powell, nine years his junior.  
1996   Apple bought NeXT for $402 million, where Jobs returned to the company he founded as interim CEO.
2000   At Macworld Jobs became the full CEO of Apple Computers
2001 co-founded Wheels of Zeus(WoZ) to create    
Sept-2006 Released book iWoz his autobiography    
10-Jan-2007   These were nostalgic moments for Jobs being on Macworld after 30 years of forming Apple. Apple released iPhone and iTV. After running the company for 30 years, renamed Apple computers to Apple Inc.


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