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Jun 18, 2024
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Open World Chat

Open World Chat Server                                     (DOWNLOAD)

Open World Chat server ensures out of the box support for chat functionality in few minutes on any network. Package is consisting of Lightweight Webserver and Chat server running on the same machine. Chat applet is bundled along with the build. This gets downloaded in browser and works as chat client.

  • Only 25K of size which makes download & installation easy.
  • Lightweight Web Server bundled.
  • Lightweight Chat Server bundled.
  • Chat client applet bundled.
  • Works with any jre 1.1.x or above JVM.
  • Fast Performance, since it relies on light-weight components of awt.
  • Console based server monitoring.

After running startup.bat these are the multiple windows you see on the server.


While access the Chat server machine following is the screen which appears before starting the chat.

When you click on Enter the chat applet asks you to enter your name, this is used for rest of the communication while chatting.


To install OWC1.1 follow the steps below:

  1. Uncompress the OWC1.1.zip in some directory.
  2. Provide the Java Virtual Machine in path.
        eg: PATH=%PATH%;c:\jdk1.1.5\bin
  3. Execute the startup.bat
  4. Start the browser and put the path as http://<machine_name> or http://<ip_number>
  5. Enter the Chat area and put your name before starting the chat.

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