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May 21, 2024
SCJP Mock Test
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DeepTest ver 1.1 (For SCJP) (with free 250 questions)                                                 (DOWNLOAD)

SCJP Test Engine v1.0 is a Test Preparation Software, for Sun-Certified Java 2 Programmer level, with chapter-wise classifications as per the objectives provided by Sun Microsystems. This version is provided as Evaluation copy to the members of www.deepjava.com site. Which can be later on registered for better support, features & ad-on tools.


  • Only 88K of size which makes download & installation easy.
  • Free 250 Questions
  • Platform independent, works on almost all the platforms.
  • Works with any jre 1.1.x or above JVM.
  • Chapter-wise classification gives better way of preparation.
  • Fast Performance, since it relies on light-weight components of awt.
  • Random question option to give real feeling of test.
  • Provides Results & Navigation through appeared questions.
  • Tester Clock to keep track of time consumed for appearing questions

Startup shows the chapters as per the objective given by Sun Microsystems.

Once the test starts it shows the question on the top view and answers in tbe bottom part. You can navigate backward and forward. There is a timer on the right bottom to keep the track of time taken to answer questions.

When you click on check you see the view changes and it also shows the answers in bottom right side. In the popup you see the how many questions are answers correctly out of total questions.



To install SCJP Test Engine follow the steps below:

  1. Uncompress the DeepTest.zip in some directory.
  2. Provide the Java Virtual Machine in path.
        eg: PATH=%PATH%;c:\jdk1.1.5\bin
  3. Execute the run.bat if you are using Microsoft Windows Operating System.
  4. For Any other operating System. Execute: java QuestMenu
  5. Click ok on Disclaimer box.
  6. Now you can see the chapter-wise selection of test or 60 random question buttons. Clicking on any option starts the Test.

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